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Clubs & Activities

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Harris Elementary
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Clubs & Activities

Battle of the Books
Advisors: Sarah Duran, Tanya Dunlap, Amelia McCullough

The Battle of the Books Club is designed to get students excited about reading! Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading incentive program for students in grades 5 and 6. The purpose is simply to encourage students to read good books and have fun while competing with peers. The Battle of the Books participants will meet twice a week during lunch to read and discuss the books for the battle.

Advisors: Charlotte Gandy, Jordyn Rucker

The Harris Pom Squad extends beyond traditional cheer and dance activities to serve a variety of key objectives that enhance the student's overall growth and well-being. Our elementary school Pom team is not only about spirited performances but also about nurturing individuality and creativity. Through Pom, students discover a unique avenue for self-expression, where they can infuse their personalities and passions into every routine, every step, and every cheer. The goals of an elementary school Pom team include fostering school spirit and support, promoting teamwork and collaboration, enhancing skill development, building confidence, instilling leadership and responsibility, encouraging school engagement and community involvement, fostering personal growth and achievement, and creating lasting memories and friendships.

Running Club
Advisor: Cate Hanohano

Running Club is a program where kids can improve their overall health and fitness, while also getting a chance to make new friends. Students will be able to spend time with other Harris Hawks from November to February practicing their running skills and building relationships. All Running Club members will also have the chance to participate in four track meets throughout the season. 

Student Council
Advisors: Charlotte Gandy, Jordyn Rucker, Gianluca Nicastro

Harris Elementary's Student Council is a group of dedicated young leaders committed to representing the student body and promoting positive change within the school community. Members of the Student Council are elected to positions such as president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, allowing them to develop leadership skills. The club plans a variety of activities, including fundraisers, community service projects, and school events, all designed to boost school spirit, support student well-being, and advocate for student interests. By actively working with their peers and faculty, Student Council members serve as role models, fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and a sense of community among students.