Susi Kennedy

Susi Kennedy

Speech Language Pathologist: K-6
Room: 111
480-545-7060, ext. 111


As a speech language pathologist I work with students with a variety of needs.  Some of my students have difficulty producing the sounds of speech (articulation), speaking smoothly without blocks or repetitions of sounds and words (fluency),  they may have difficulty understanding or making sense of the words they hear others speak, or they may be challenged by expressing their thoughts and ideas.  They can also have a combination of these challenges.

I see students in small groups to teach them skills that will help them improve their abilities in their specific area of need.  Sometimes groups are dedicated to a specific area need and other times, there are many skills being developed at the same time.

Students in my groups are responsible for obeying the rules that are embraced by the entire school:
Be Safe
Be Responsible
Be Respectful

If we have to move around the school as a group to pick up students, they begin their speech time as soon as they see me.  They need to walk quietly in the hall, say thank you to whomever holds the door, walk to their seats and wait politely.  This begins our climb up a behavior chart.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade students have a visual chart with clips to facilitate their understanding of their progress toward reaching the top of the behavior chart.  Students are rewarded with up to 3 stickers if they make it to the top of the chart.  They can clip down then back up within the half hour session.  If a student is having a particularly difficult day they could clip down to RED~! Yikes! it has never happened but if it does, we will be calling to tell you why!  Stickers are collected on a sticker chart and when the chart is full, students get to go to the treasure box.

Homework is usually not specifically given but practice is a necessary part of improving speech and language.  You can do your part by reminding your child to set aside a 5 - 10 minute period during a chat with you to work on their problem sounds, smoothing out their speech or correcting grammatical errors.  If you would like homework for your child, please contact me.  

Contact information:
480-545-7060, ext. 111

About Me

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from the University of Colorado. For a number of years I worked in Colorado and Massachusetts in the field of Recreation. My last position in Recreation was Physical Program Director of the Charles River YMCA in Needham, MA.

I returned to the University of Colorado to obtain the necessary undergraduate course requirements in order to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Communication Disorders and Speech Science. 

I have been employed by Gilbert Unified School District as a speech language pathologist since 1996.  I have been at Harris Elementary School full time since 1999.

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